3 Tips On How To Clear Your Headspace For More Productivity

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3 Tips On How To Clear Your Headspace For More Productivity

February 08, 2019

3 Tips On How To Clear Your Headspace For More Productivity

In today's day and age with information being so accessible, we've trained ourselves to seek immediate gratification. Immediate answers. Immediate solutions to our problems. Anything less of this is not worth our time, our attention, or our headspace.   

So, we seek quick "hacks" to get us by in that given moment that we've been told will make us more efficient, less distracted, and better focused.

And, hey - sometimes they work. There's just more to it than that.

There is a mental component that would be a mistake to ignore. 

A clean desk and color-coordinated sticky note system will never help you to really clear your headspace if you lack the mental discipline to limit external distractions and internal excuses.
If your sticky notes are not prepared properly that day, will you use it that as an excuse to stop what you're doing to re-organize? Did your system just become a distraction and/or an excuse?

You see, these hacks may be perpetuating the existing problem you searched so relentlessly to solve, to begin with. 

Sound familiar?

Don't worry are not alone. We all do this. 

The good news is, you clicked into this article and are willing to explore something better. Something more sustainable. 

Here are some practical steps you can take in any given moment to approach work with a clear, focused headspace so you can stop being a day-dreamer and start being a doer!

3 Tips On How To Clear Your Headspace For More Productivity

#1 - Stop 

If you are on fire or overwhelmed with your day, the advice is the same: just stop! Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths. Get up and stretch your legs to get your blood flowing again. With deadlines looming and your thoughts spinning out of control, taking a break may feel like dying. However, once you do it, you’ll see that the opposite is true. Allow some time to yourself so you can actually figure out what you need in the next few moments to be successful. Think of it as a mindful break so avoid social media and other timewasters. 

#2 - Prioritize 

Anyone can take on multiple projects, but it takes effort and organization to finish them. 
The best way to clear your headspace is to prioritize all the ideas floating around and compile them into a list. Everything seems less intimidating when it is written down. Identify what you can accomplish right now. There is nothing wrong with getting those easy things out of the way but remember, the work you are avoiding is probably causing you the most stress. 
A typical meditation technique involves identifying every little thought spinning around in your head to then release them into an imaginary river, and out of your mind. When you let go of non-essential tasks, you can identify what needs to be done. 

#3 - Act

This step is about discipline. Successful people are dealing with the same distractions as you, they just choose to focus and work at work. Crazy concept, right? Every minute you spend thinking about what you should be doing instead of actually doing it is a waste of your time and energy. Don’t make a plan only to fail at the execution. Finish a task, put it out of your mind, and move onto the next one. 

"There is no avoiding work, however, you can avoid the unhappiness that comes from being overwhelmed with work."
- Dan Cox

The mess in your mind should always take precedence over the one of your desk or in your house. Once you’ve sorted through the internal stuff, you've created the opportunity to set yourself up for success going forward.

Here's An Important Question To Ask Yourself...

Your brain needs physical activity and a nutritious diet for optimal function. Are you providing this to your brain? 

If not, how come?
Lack of knowledge?
Lack of resources?

If you answered yes to either of the above then consider the following: 

Wellthy’s FOCUS supplement has ten brain-boosting vitamins and minerals to naturally reduce brain fog and increase your concentration to promote creativity and mental clarity. Take help when you can get it and accept responsibility when it’s up to you to get it done.

When you organize your headspace and adjust your mindset, you’ll see how life changes around you. 

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