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For us, quality matters. We show up, every day and bring our best. Because supplements have to work as hard as you do. We source only pure ingredients. We’re transparent about our production. We’re meticulous about our formulas. We demand quality because we expect results. How do you achieve your personal best? And what do you take to help get you there?

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Dan Cox

Wellthy Founder

Throughout my life, I’ve been involved in competitive swimming, endurance sports, and strength training, so I’ve asked a lot from my body. Along the way, I was surprised to discover that many supplement manufacturers couldn't answer important questions about the formulas they sold. Things like: where the ingredients were sourced and how they were extracted, and even why they were included in the product. I believe knowing the origin of your supplements is as important as knowing what they can do for your health. So I stopped asking those questions of others and I founded Wellthy. Our line of essentials is made of all-natural, quality ingredients, with a clear connection from source to supplement, and between people and the planet.

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We believe health and wellness should be accessible to all, so we work to support our communities. For every product we sell, we donate a meal to someone in need.

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