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With Wellthy, you get responsibly sourced essentials, formulated to do the most good.

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Quality adds up: Responsible sourcing. Clean extraction. The highest bioavailability. Formulated for maximum efficacy. We put a lot into every nutrient-dense capsule and scoop, so you can be at your best.

Support for ketosis, fat-burning, detox, hair, skin, nails, cognitive function, hormonal balance, prostate health, sleep, muscles, joints, and digestion.

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Our gummies are cool. Most gummy supplements are cooked at super high temperatures. Not ours. We use a state-of-the-art, no-cook Swiss process so the active ingredients stay active, and you get all the nutrients in every extra-chewy gummy. (More chewing = more bioavailability) Sweet!

Support for hair, skin, nails, vision, eye health, sleep, and adrenals

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Trace your nutrients back to the origin. Our focus on regenerative farming, organic practices, and clean extraction processes has led us to our single-origin line, incorporating the most nutrient-dense and effective superfoods from all over the world. Cultivated by exceptional farmers and growers.

Support for skin, muscles, joints, digestion, cognition, immune function, stress, fatigue, and digestion performance

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There’s no shortcut.

The same goes for the supplements you take. So we go the extra mile with responsibly sourced raw ingredients selected for quality, purity, and effectiveness. We’ve learned that if you want results, quality matters.

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Sharing the well: 205,091 meals donated.

Our greater good mission

We believe health and wellness should be accessible to all, so we work to support our communities. For every product we sell, we donate a meal to someone in need.

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We are Wellthy. We believe in the greater good. Effective, exceptional-quality essentials, guided by integrity, and a commitment to health that supports our customers and our community.

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