While some products are born from an idea, Wellthy was born from a need.

Meet Wellthy Founder and visionary, Dan Cox.

After his appearances in the 9th season of "The Bachelorette" and the 2nd season of "Bachelor in Paradise", Dan became quickly recognized for his chiseled physique and his passion for health and fitness.

Combined with a lifetime of competitive swimming, Ironman races, owning five health stores, two nutrition brands, and his fortunate exposure to the worlds most elite industry professionals, Dan has earned the title of being a Wellness Expert.

Dan has long since understood that a void existed in the health and wellness supplements space.

Products stocked on the shelves of "nutrition" stores were filled with unnatural additives, useless nutrients, and questionable chemicals. The worst part of it all, the stores and brands weren't denying it and consumers didn't care... People were consuming these products knowing the risks. The reason being, a lack of healthier alternatives that could produce the same results.

Dan made it his mission to bring to market a new brand of supplements fortified with real nutrients extracted from real foods with the ability to produce results that the other unnatural stuff could only dream of achieving.

Introducing, Wellthy. Real nutrients with ingredients you can stand behind and results you can be proud of. If you'd like to learn more about what goes into our products visit our ingredients page.

More than guaranteeing results and being health conscious, Wellthy has the added bonus of being socially conscious. For every product sold, we partnered with Feeding America to donate a meal to someone in need. That is a wellness choice you can feel good about.

Our commitment to the community also shaped the ingredients we chose to use and exclude in our products. We designed our supplements with concentrated doses of the highest quality, all-natural micronutrients, vitamins, minerals, and amino acids to offer quick and safe results to optimize your mind and body to its fullest potential. If you are a meat-eater, the promise of vegan supplements might not seem like a draw, but it would be if you knew how other companies derived their protein sources… Going vegan is not the easy route in regards to nutrition, but it is incredibly effective and responsible. Plus, we wouldn’t have it any other way.

We at Wellthy know everyone has different health and beauty goals and always kept that at the forefront of our minds while creating our line. We worked closely with our scientists and pharmacists to ensure our products are not only effective but safe. Designed and manufactured in an FDA-registered, Good Manufacturing Practices Certified facility, you can trust these products do what we say they do.

The health world is misleading, nutrition is overwhelming and beauty secrets are often disappointing; we understand and want to change how you feel about this industry. Let our supplements maximize your efficiency while you take the steps towards fulfilling your wellness goals. Now is the time to invest in yourself.

You have the desire for change, we have the science, research, and system to make it happen. We can’t wait to go on this journey with you.

Live Healthy. Choose Wellthy.